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A Colourful Canvas

A Colourful Canvas

A hardback book, rich in illustrations, A Colourful Canvas concentrates on the work of twelve accomplished women artists living and working in Cheshire and Manchester.  
It summarises the life story of these twelve talented women and examines their work and tells how their art has flourished and become, for them, a way of life. Their work is respected by not just their fellow artists but also by art collectors nationally and internationally.

The book features the work of

◦Cecile Elstein,
◦Dawn Rowland,
◦Gina Ward,
◦Ghislaine Howard,
◦Jenny Ryrie,
◦Debbie Goldsmith,
◦Michelle Leigh,
◦Lisa De Prudhoe,
◦Julia Midgley,
◦Patricia Niemira,
◦Frances Seba Smith,
◦Sheila Meeks

The Wendy J Levy Gallery specialises in original paintings, drawings, sculpture and original prints, representing a large number of established and eminent artists as well as newly emerging ones. A different exhibition is staged every month.

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Hardback; 158 pages, Colour illustrations
30 x 24 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-0954907426
Publisher Wendy J Levy Contemporary Art Ltd
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