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Drawing on her experiences, Patricia presents talks on the importance of not just making a Will, but writing a Letter of Wishes to accompany it. She shares some of the issues which led her to write Last Orders, the difficulties she encountered, and offers insight into the practical steps we can all take to assist our loved ones and executors by making our wishes known and leaving a tidy estate. 


In spite of the difficulty of the subject matter, the talks are extremely popular with U3A, Probus, Townswomen's Guilds, the WI and more. Here are just some of the reviews:

"Excellent speaker. Very thought provoking"


"One of the best speakers I have heard"


"A most excellent talk - Very informative to a lay person"


"Thought I was organised. Bought the book!"


“I thought the presentation by Patricia Byron on her book Last Orders was first-class and extremely helpful in guiding us to give clear instructions in our wills”.


"The information Patricia gave us was excellent. The little things that can easily get overlooked. I am going to buy a purple box - such a good idea"


George Davies Solicitors LLP Diamond Clients

"What a brilliant talk! So interesting and so very thought provoking."


"I dreaded hearing this talk as I thought it would be depressing but the author gave us such a lot to think about that I didn't find it depressing at all. Instead it was interesting, informative,excellent!"


"I am going off to buy my purple box!"


              Members of U3A New Mills, Derbyshire



"Well, you really did give us a thought provoking, fascinating insight into our own demise, and it didn't hurt a bit! It was a talk that was much appreciated and one that will linger in our thoughts. I hope it will make us all really look at what we shall leave behind us. All good wishes for your next book. It was a delight to meet you!"

Chairlady, U3A Birkdale

To book Patricia

as a speaker




"Although I have been executor

of five family member, I was

still able to learn some useful information."

Speaker Secretary,

U3A Warrington

"A very interesting and useful presentation. A serious, potentially gloomy, topic covered in a light and friendly manner, with some gentle humour to dispel any gloom!"


U3A Warrington


"Absolutely excellent!"


"Very interested in reading the book and starting to implement some of the necessary arrangements"

Members of U3A South Manchester

"It was a really thought provoking talk full of sensible adviice about how to cope at a very difficult time for so many people. I am sure it has made us all think very hard about whether we have our affairs in order. Many people came to me afterwards and said how much they had enjoyed the talk. "It was brilliant!" "An excellent talk" "So full of good advice" were typical comments. One lady told me later she had been out and bought herself a purple box for her papers."


Chairlady U3A South Manchester

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