Attending to end of life issues is never easy, but one thing is certain: failing to address them will undoubtedly  increase the difficulties that one's family and friends will have to face when inevitable happens.  


Leaving a tidy estate generally involves two things: making a Will and writing a Letter of Wishes. Patricia C Byron has written two books, Last Orders and The Good Will Guide,  to help you tackle both.


To hear why only writing a Will is not enough, and the  importance of writing the much neglected Letter of Wishes, listen to author's interview with Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour as they discuss Last Orders.....





Your Executors' Guide to Your Letter of Wishes

By Patricia C Byron



New, improved and brimful with invaluable information, tips and suggestions, this book will not only make a difficult subject more manageable for your family and the executors of your Will, it will also help you make vital, informed decisions about your funeral, finances and even your pet.


By taking the time to read, digest and complete it, you will effectively be lending a helping hand at a time when your family needs you most.  From whom to contact, the location of your Will, how to distribute belongings, your last wishes and more, you can remove doubt and replace it with clarity. And, have no doubt, when the time comes, you will be thanked endlessly by your family and executors for having taken the time to assist them.

Used by thousands of families across the UK, the ground-breaking first edition has been recommended to clients by top tier law firms, Will-writers and financial advisors alike. This second edition will save your family and executors time, an incalculable amount of stress and take most, if not all, of the guesswork out of administering your estate.





Written, published and printed in the United Kingdom


ISBN: 978-1910275245

120 pages,

28 x 21 CM  Hardback

Published in June 2019 by Stellar Books

RRP £19.99


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The Professionals' reviews of Last Orders First Edition



"Likely to be one of your best investments ..."




 "For guidance on making end of

life provision, we particularly

like the book Last Orders, by

Patricia C Byron, which has sections to fill in that guide you through leaving a letter of wishes detailing funeral arrangements and other concerns."

Good Housekeeping 


"This was recommended to me by a patient at the hospice where I work. It is essential reading for somebody who wants to get everything in place before saying their
last goodbye."*


"An indispensible aid to anyone who has to tackle the affairs of a loved one especially at a time of grief. For the executor, it will be a tremendous time saving exercise..."

                                  STEP Journal




"Reading this as a hospice educator I really liked it. It fits in well with the whole Advance Care Planning and Dying Matters agenda in the UK in a practical and human way"*


"A splendid little book which steers a person throught the essentials "







Readers' reviews of Last Orders *courtesy of Amazon


"It may be tricky to recommend this to your nearest and dearest but if they love you they should fill it in. ......Every possible question has been considered and posed and anyone who completes this book can die knowing that their successors have had their difficult task made as straightforward as possible and the possibility of sibling disagreements almost eliminated."

"It seemed to make such good sense to note down all the important details of one's life ... from where the keys are kept to what kind of funeral one would like ... before it is too late to tell anyone."


"A difficult subject made easy."



"This made an old lady very happy!"


"excellent aide memoir would recommend everyone should complete - save a lot time and anxiety for loved ones left behind."

"excellent for my needs"


"An excellent book which could be of great help to the family. Fill it in, put it somewhere safe and forget it...The family will find it when it's needed."

"I have just had to organise my elderly mother's affairs after her death ... so glad that using "Last Orders" will save my family the complications and worries I had to deal with."


"This is a brilliant book, a marvellous idea and a must to go alongside
your Will."


"This is simply the best idea I've seen in ages. It covers absolutely everything in a clear and simple way. If you've gone through the trouble of producing a Will then you should definitely get 'Last Orders' and complete the job. It's a 'must have'."




 "This is an extremely helpful book with an amazing
range of topics. Anything that can make life easier for your
executors, especially in their time of grief,
is the greatest gift you can leave them




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All books were written, printed and published within the United Kingdom

Last Orders; 2nd Edition