Do you want to get your affairs in order and make life easier for your loved ones when the inevitable happens?

Leaving a tidy estate generally revolves around two things: making a Will and writing a Letter of Wishes. Patricia C Byron, author and columnist, has written two books, LAST ORDERS and THE GOOD WILL GUIDE,to help you accomplish both. Her aim is to assist you - and your loved ones - cope with the challenges which need to be addressed making life, and death, more manageable.


The Essential Guide to your Letter of Wishes

by Patricia C Byron

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The highly acclaimed LAST ORDERS, is a book which fulfils a number of roles: not only will it guide through the process of writing your Letter of Wishes to accompany your Will, it is also a guide book, a document and, when the time comes, it will serve as a check list for your executors and family.

It has been featured on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, in the Law Society Gazette, Good Housekeeping, the STEP Journal to name a few, but one thing is clear: all reviewers agree that LAST ORDERS is an extraordinary useful book which will assist you in leaving a tidy estate.

It is important to state that this book is not a Will, nor should it be considered as such. However, once completed correctly, it will advise your executors and those you leave behind about the more personal, practical and intimate choices you have made regarding your funeral, your possessions, your pets and more. Sadly, these issues rarely get addressed in the Will making process.

There are 12 Sections and over 100 simple, but pertinent questions to be completed and answered by you in LAST ORDERS. The answers you give will eradicate doubt and offer clarity for the executors of your Will and your loved ones.

The book is simple yet comprehensive

Its usefulness cannot be overstated

If you still do not consider that you need such a book, consider this scenario: Imagine your child, sibling or friend is executor to your Will. When the sad time comes for them to wind up your estate,  how and where would they start? Would they, for example, be able to answer the following questions...

Where are the deeds to your house?                                                                                                 Where is your Will?                                                                                                                       
Have you registered as an organ donor?                                                                                         
Who has spare sets of keys to your house?                                                                                       Who knows the code to your burglar alarm?                                                                                     Does your home have a safe and what is it’s code?                                                                         Who is to take care of your pet poodle Pandora?                                                                          Equally important, who do you not want to take care of Pandora???
Or who should receive the family heirloom? (Financially worthless and therefore not it your Will, but which has huge sentimental value within the family) 

These are just a few of the concerns which do not get addressed in the Will making process but which, invariably, are the causes of contention and disagreements within families.

LAST ORDERS will assist you to leave clear, unambiguous details about your wishes and in doing so, it will assist  your executors to make informed decisions when the time comes.                                      

LAST ORDERS won't just clarify your wishes, it will verify them too

There are numerous excellent websites and books detailing the role of an executor and the responsibilities entailed in the administration of an estate; LAST ORDERS does not seek to repeat them. Instead, the essence of the book is to attain important answers to relevant questions before death takes place.

In researching LAST ORDERS, the author consulted with solicitors, funeral directors, the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners, The Law Society, MENCAP, but perhaps most telling, she has had personal experience of administering estates.

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  Copyright Patricia C Byron 2012

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